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Affordable Explosion Proof LED Lights - UL Qualified - Now Available In The USA

Up to now, locating an affordable (challenge I say moderately priced) LED Explosion Proof Light has been difficult. The choices are limited. And all of US know what happens when supply is restricted. Prices remain high.

Retro fitting isn’t an option both. If the fixture was street or a normal high-bay light then pulling away the Metal-Halide or High-Pressure-Sodium bulb and replacing it using a LED head and LED driver. But the UL-1598C standard that relates to these kits do not affect explosion proof lighting fixtures. Therefore if you wish to retro fit, you'd need to get the retro fitted light r e- qualified and tested. And this just makes sense, you can’t be not dangerous enough when it comes to explosion-proof lights.

Therefore you'd 2 bad alternatives: high-priced new lighting fixtures or moderately priced retrofit products and an expensive re certification. Not choices that are good.

Luckily, that’s all about to change. A new point of three Explosion Proof LED Bulbs are actually available on the market, DLC Qualified, Class 1 Div 2, IP68 and UL Listed. Versions contain 100 w, a 40 watt and 185 w version. All run at 100 lm/w effectiveness, generating up to 18,500 lumens, plenty of to displace a 400 watt Metal-Halide or 400 watt High Pressure Sodium. The 100w version creates good 250 that is replacement for quite 10,000 lumens, a watt metal-halide, as well as the 40w model is a good alternative to a 100-150 watt metal halide fixture. All models can be found with several mounting options, and every light can become flood light, low bay, cover light or a high bay, making them exceptionally versatile. And because they are certified, they may be supported with a 5 yr guarantee.

These lights are well overdue, an excellent light at a manageable price. And having them DLC Competent allows at time of buy for the potential of refunds. If accessible, the affordability of the merchandise raises along with reduces the time to achieve pay back after the bulbs are installed.

These lamps are nominees for installments in these dangerous environments:

- Lighting for refineries

- Chemical Plants and Processing

- Coal Mining

- Military Bases

- Aerospace Facilities

- Oil and Chemical Processing / Storage

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